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Sir Alfred Munnings - Under Starter's Order - Horse Racing Print

Classic horse racing image by the master of sporting art, Sir Alfred Munnings
• Open Edition Print
• Printed in England
Image 18"x 29" Paper 23"x 33" (unframed)
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Sir Alfred Munnings 
British (1878-1959)

Munnings was born into a miller's family at Mendham, Suffolk , on October 8th, 1878 . At fourteen he was apprenticed to a Norwich printer, designing and drawing advertising posters over six years. In the evenings he attended the Norwich School of Art. By 1899, he had exhibited two paintings at the Royal Academy .
While living in Mendham, Munnings painted many scenes of country life, particularly horse fairs. He went to Cornwall in 1908, and for many years was an important addition to the Newlyn School of artists. When the First World War broke out, Munnings enlisted, despite having the use of only one eye owing to an accident in 1899. He became an army horse trainer near Reading and later went to France as an official war artist, attached to the Canadian Cavalry Brigade.
After the war, art dealers and connoisseurs noted him as a promising painter; his works sold well and from 1899 onwards they were hung occasionally in the Royal Academy . The young artist lived boisterously, sometimes paying debts with sketches. Munnings married Violet McBride and settled permanently at Castle House, in Dedham , Suffolk . Concentrating particularly upon equestrian work, he was so successful in what was, at the time, an unfashionable field that he rose from his relatively humble beginnings to become both a knight and the President of the Royal Academy between 1944 and 1949.

Munnings was an enthusiastic horseman and most of his greatest works featured either the racecourse or the hunt. His sporting scenes have developed a reputation as being amongst the greatest of twentieth century. He also painted very personal interpretations of the English countryside, as well as portraits, but these themes tended to be eclipsed by his tremendous success as a sporting artist.

Munnings’s reputation was always slightly tarnished for contemporary critics because of his very blunt, strong minded personality and his opposition to the abstract work which was becoming increasingly popular but, more recently, he has received the acclaim his outstanding work deserves.
With Stubbs and Herring, Munnings is one of a trio of the greatest sporting artists of all time.

His best original paintings now sell for figures in excess of $1,000,000. Munnings’s work is now on display at many of the most prestigious galleries and museums in the world.

His home in Dedham is not the Munnings Museum and a local pub has been named after hime (a rare distinction!)

Munnings PortraitSir Alfred Munnings Portrait of a Young Artist
The painting depicts racehorses lining up for the start of a race at Newmarket. The horses are eager and strong with gleaming coats gliding over their tight muscles.

Munnings has captured the openness and flatness of the Rowley Course, which is used in the Spring and Autumn of each year. Munnings was fascinated by the racehorse and was a great racegoer, favouring, as well as Newmarket, the tracks at Sandown and Hurst Park. He painted a number of images of the start at Newmarket.

This scene was typical before the introduction of the rigid starting gate in flat racing and so the start of a race was often a highly charged scramble much as it remains today in steeplechasing.

Under Starters Orders has a sense of anticipation as participation has been planned for months and is now a reality that in the next few minutes a champion will emerge from all the runners
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