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Cecil Aldin - The Shire Horse - Equestrian Print

Item #: AR1001 - In Stock
• Gouttelette Superior Edition
(the highest standard of digital printing)
• Printed in England
• Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
• Image 18" x 24" Paper 22" x 28" (unframed)
• Also available as Print on Demand - Contact Us for Pricing

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About the Image
Cecil Aldin - British 1870-1935
Born in Slough on 28th April 1870, Cecil Aldin was educated at Eastbourne College and Solihull Grammar School. He studied art at the RCA and under Frank F. Calderon.
Aldin illustrated hundreds of books throughout his lifetime, one of his first major commissions being Kipling's Jungle Stories. At 22, he took on a studio in Chelsea and began to obtain regular work and his illustrations were published in many magazines during the 1890s. In 1895 he married, moved to Chiswick and became one of a circle of artists who between them formed the London Sketch Club. As Master of the South Berkshire Hunt, Aldin was a keen huntsman and many of his prints depict horses. Unusually, he also carried the horn with harriers, beagles and bassets, and drew animals of all kinds as well as his well-known hunting and coaching scenes, with humour and precision.
Cecil Aldin painted mainly in water-colour, but he was also famous for being a master of caricature in the drawing of both humans and animals. The quality of his art can be seen in most of his work, particularly in his many famous drawings of his family of dogs. Cecil Aldin died in 1935 and his work is now highly collectable. He is regarded as being one of the most original and very best sporting artists of the twentieth century.
WHAT IS A GOUTTELETTE? Derived from the French word for "droplet", gouttelette (pronounced "goo-ta-let") is an entirely new digital printing process, and used exclusive to The Collectors Guild Ltd, in England, the publishers of this print. In the past, digital prints have been generally created using a method called "giclee". The Gouttelette is the next generation of quality printing. This new process allows the imaged to be created on beautiful uncoated papers, which are better for image reproduction and they allow the ink more easily to travel down the paper fibers and into the sheet (wicking) and are much less prone to fading and a superior quality to the average digital print.
This is taken from Aldin's series of four totally different types of horses. The Shire is a breed of draught horse and comes in many colours. They have a reputation for their height and strength and stallions usually stand at 17 hands (68") and over. The breed has an enormous capacity for weight pulling and shires have held the world records for both largest overall horse and tallest horse at various times.

The breed has been popular for pulling brewery wagons that delivered ale to customers and this practice continues today with the breed also being used for forestry, leisure and promotional purposes.

The British Shire Horse Society was founded in 1884 and the American Shire Horse Association in 1885, when the breed was exported from Britain to the United States in large numbers during the late 19th and early 20th Century. Popularity fell with the advent of mechanisation but has begun to increase again at the beginning of the 21st Century.
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