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Mailbox Mares & Foals - Large (23"x15")

Item #: H7562C - 2-3 Week Delivery
Even large packages will fit in these sturdy, steel-frame mailboxes. Wonderful for rural deliveries, these boxes are hand laminated fiberglass with sporting art and personalized address on both sides. Made in USA.
Two address lines on both sides of box, 22 spaces per line.
(NOTE: small box is limited to one line)
Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Available in three sizes:
A. Small 19"long, 6" wide, 9" tall. -  $115
B. Medium 22" long, 8" wide, 11" tall. -  $145
C. Large 23" long, 11" wide, 15" tall.  -  $174

*Note - Large Mailbox additional $15 oversize shipping charge will be applied

Our Price: $129.00 - $189.00
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