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Her Majesty's Bodyguard, Corgi Art Print by Susan Crawford

Item #: AR4054 - In Stock

Charming commisioned portrait of Queen Elizabeth's favorite dogs, including her favorite Corgis - a breed favored by the royal family for many generations. Painted by one of England's most renowned sporting artist, Sucan Crawford. Quality gouttelette print on heavy acid free art paper.

  • Printed in England
  • Quality Gouttelette Print
  • Image 20"x 32"
  • Paper 24"x 36"
  • Artist Info

Derived from the French word for "droplet", gouttelette (pronounced "goo-ta-let") is an entirely new digital printing process, and used exclusive to The Collectors Guild Ltd, in England, the publishers of this print. In the past, digital prints have been generally created using a method called "giclee". The Gouttelette is the next generation of quality printing. This new process allows the imaged to be created on beautiful uncoated papers, which are better for image reproduction and they allow the ink more easily to travel down the paper fibers and into the sheet ("wicking") and are much less prone to fading and a superior quality to the average digital print.

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