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Amy Kahn Russell
Exclusive Equestrian Jewelry
Amy Kahn Russell is the forerunner in a naturalistic trend in jewelry. A fine arts graduate of Tulane, the artist's personal studies and experience often influence her designs, reflective on visions from museums or images seen during her extensive travels. She has been inspired by motifs and cultures she encountered while travelling abroad. Although Amy now resides in the United States, she incorporates unusual artifacts and stones collected worldwide into this dramatic jewelry.

Jewelry by Amy Kahn Russell

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Horse in Meadow Hand-painted Black Onyx Pendant
Item#: JA201
Our Price: $349.00
In Stock
Jumping Horse Hand-painted Black Onyx Pendant
Item#: JA202
Our Price: $349.00
In Stock
Red Fox Hand-painted Black Onyx Pendant
Item#: JA203
Our Price: $325.00
In Stock
Running Herd Silver Horses Necklace by Amy Kahn Russell
Item#: JA224
Our Price: $575.00
In Stock